Performance monitoring of wind turbines with fiber optics

Performance monitoring of wind turbines with optical fibers.

The challenge
Offer vertical cabling in wind turbine towers for control and communication boards, turbine control units, condition monitoring systems and wind farm networking applications.

Major constraints

  • high levels of electromagnetic interference, especially during storms and when lightning strikes
  • widely fluctuating temperatures from -34 °C to +60 °C
  • periodic wind and ice loads
  • power fluctuations
  • moisture
  • high vibrations
  • small bending radius
  • long fiber lengths

SEDI-ATI solution
We offer ruggedized, water blocked multi-fiber cables with singlemode and/or multimode silica-silica fibers with core diameters ranging from 50 µm to 1000 µm, with special coatings, buffers and cables for extreme environments, and terminated with Crimp & Cleave connectors.

Advantages of the SEDI-ATI solution

  • ruggedized solution
  • immune to EMI
  • customized assemblies for specific requirements
  • field-installable solution

Performance monitoring of wind turbines with fiber optics

SEDI-ATI has developed built-in fiber optic sensors consisting in a ruggedized dielectric multi-fiber optic cable assembly. It is aimed to be placed directly inside the wind tower to offer on-line and real-time monitoring of the performance of wind turbines.