Fiber optic probes for lateral emission

Fiber optic probes with a lateral emission are recommended for urology applications such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) laser treatment.

SEDI-ATI patented design uses a curved fiber tip which allows faster and longer surgeries with the possibility to work in direct contact with the tissues.

Our fibers are USP Class VI certified, non-toxic and biocompatible. Standard product is using a 600 µm core all silica fiber.

The probe is equipped with the SuperNova SMA connector manufactured by SEDI-ATI. This connector is specially designed for power applications and equipped with a copper free standing ferrule and a heat dissipator for improved performances. The assembly technique avoids any stress on the fiber.

The fiber end is inserted into a silica capillary and a patented fusion and bending process is then applied to obtain a side firing effect together with a perfect retention of the capillary.

Curved fibers with a capillary assembly at the distal end are jacketed with a biocompatible material.


Biocompatible materials.
Packaged, stored and used in a clean environment.
Production workshop certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485.
CE certification according to Directive 93/42, CE number: CE 0476.
Sold sterilized in double bag.


Internal Qualification Report (RQ120717): Power Handling 180 W-200 kJ @980 nm.
External Qualification Report: Power Handling 200 W-260 kJ @2100 nm.

  • MD-CURVED-600

    Fiber type
    silica/silica 600 µm core diameter
    Fiber length
    2,9 m
    Capillary diameter
    1.95 mm
    Catheter compatibility
    SMA connector