Multimode WDM for sensing applications

Key features

  • from 50 μm to 400 μm fibers
  • bespoke dichroic filter
  • UV, VIS, IR wavelengths
  • bi-directional
  • compact
  • robust
  • reliable
  • lightweight
  • custom configurations

Multimode WDM for sensing applications

SEDI-ATI’s multimode wavelength division multiplexers are manufactured using a proprietary process based on a dichroic filter directly deposited onto the optical fiber.

This unique manufacturing method ensures a robust construction allowing a bi-directional or dual transmission on a single multimode fiber.

The CP-MXC series can be made with a wide variety of optical fibers including graded-index fibers and large core step-index fibers up to 400 μm core diameter.

The dichroic filter is fully customizable for a variety of UV, VIS or IR applications.

The CP-MXC is particularly suitable for sensing and fluorescence applications. It can also be adapted to operate in a wider temperature range to meet the requirements for geophysics or space for instance.

We offer standard packages in plastic material and can also propose a ruggedized package upon request: resistance to shocks, vibrations, accelerations, outgassing, and power.

Our multimode WDMs can be terminated with ST, SC, FC, or SMA connectors. Other connectors are available upon request.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

  • MX-SR

    Excitation wavelength
    404 nm < λEXCITATION < 2 μm
    Emission wavelength
    Line port
    Fiber type
    any fiber types from GI 50/125 to large core step index fibers up to 400 μm
    Insertion loss
    1 dB typ. ; depending on the wavelength range
    28 dB typ. ; depending on the wavelength range
    Operating temperature range
    -40°C to +80°C
    Storage temperature range
    -55°C to +125°C