Fiber optic connectors and adapters

NANOXtreme® miniature connector for MIL-AERO applications

Key features

  • small form factor
  • very low weight
  • ruggedized
  • versatile
  • zero outgassing materials
  • resistant to corrosion and high-temperatures
  • PC or APC polish
  • PM, SM or MM fibers up to 125 μm cladding

NANOXtreme® miniature connector for MIL-AERO applications

SEDI-ATI delivers a robust small form factor optical connector fully qualified for military and aeronautics applications where high levels of performance, compact dimensions, and low weight are critical.

The NANOXtreme® connector is an international first (is unique in that it is…)! It represents the very highest level of technical achievement. It provides high performance, maximum reliability, and a high protection level for use in harsh environments, with a reduced size.

A miniature connector.
The NANOXtreme® connector is the smallest optical connector available on the MIL-AERO market. Indeed, it does not require any adaptor. It establishes a secure point-to-point optical connection as short as 22.6 mm in length and as small as 6.5 mm in diameter, for a very low weight of 3.55 g. As a result, it opens up a broad range of new opportunities to bring light into extremely complex and compact applications.

A smart design.
The NANOXtreme® connector is composed of stainless-steel materials and is available with either ceramic or metallic ferrules. Hence, it is suitable for either low-outgassing or high-temperature applications. Besides, its smart design accepts all types of single-mode and multimode fibers. Furthermore, it can be mounted with any type of fiber protection smaller than 1 mm in diameter, including hytrel, peek, and metal tubing.

A ruggedized connector.
So far it has been qualified for operation under shocks and vibration conditions as well as under dynamic variations of the temperature from -55 °C to +125 °C, without affecting its performances. Therefore SEDI-ATI can guaranty variations of less than 1 dB in insertion loss. Besides, the NANOXtreme® connector is resistant to corrosive and vacuum environments.

Towards the future.
SEDI-ATI is currently conducting further in-depth qualifications in terms of resistance to extreme environments. The NANOXtreme® connector shall pass a salt-spray test. Undergoing severe tests are also being led in seismic, nuclear, and geophysics conditions up to +200 °C. Finally, step-by-step testing and improvements are planned to progressively address more and more stringent applications.

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