Custom-made hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs

Key features

  • customer’s design
  • single-channel, multichannel or fiber ribbon
  • PM, SM or MM fibers
  • inline-style or bulkhead style with a large choice of connectors: FC/APC, FC/PC, FCXtreme®, NANOXtreme®, SMA, MPO, MTP, etc.
  • large choice of flanges: ISO, KF, CF, custom design

Custom-made hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs

Following your specific requirements, SEDI-ATI can study the feasibility of building custom-made hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs.

Whether you are looking for hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs in bulkhead or inline-style, with a single-channel or multiple channels, with replaceable parts, with an exotic flange, for use with specific optical fibers, for use in a harsh or extreme environment, etc. Consult us as we might have the appropriate solution to solve your issues!

Here are examples of exotic custom-made hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs we have designed for our customers:

“Hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs for geophysics applications”; they must withstand both high temperatures in the order of 200 °C and high pressures around 15 000 psi, and be at the same time resistant and hermetic to gas.
“Hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs for underwater applications”; they must withstand high pressures around 15 000 psi and be at the same time resistant to sea salt.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and expectations. We will be happy to help you with your project.