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Design of hermetic fiber optic feedthroughs

SEDI-ATI offers a wide range of sealed fiber optic feedthroughs and feedthroughs for a variety of applications: vacuum, pressure, temperature, cryogenics, radiative environment, etc. All our models are unique and designed to specifications to meet your specific needs!

Hermetic fiber optic feedthroughs

What is a sealed fiber-optic feedthrough for extreme environments ?

SEDI-ATI hermetic fiber optic feedthroughs allow to easily deliver optical signals through a physical barrier, such as the panel of a chamber, which purpose is to isolate an environment from another environment and to prevent any leakage from one side of the barrier to the other side.

For particular applications, one side can be high-pressure (up to 1000 bars), while the other side can be high-vacuum. Additionally, the temperature in both sides can be either extremely elevated (+600 °C) or extremely cold (0.5 K cryogenic condition). Also, either side can be a corrosive or a radiative environment.

Therefore, the hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs must meet stringent sealing and leak tightness requirements in order to withstand such extreme environments. Depending on the application, the design of the feedthrough can be significantly different. Particular attention must be devoted to both the choice of materials and the choice of the sealing technology.

Which optical fibers can be used in a sealed feedthrough?

We offer different versions for PM, SM and MM fibers. We can achieve multimode feedthroughs with optical fiber core diameters from 50 µm to 1000 µm.

What flanges are fitted to hermetic bushings?

Our product range includes different sizes of ISO, CF and KF flanges. Therefore, our feedthroughs can be easily and steadily mounted on a chamber wall.

Versatility of SEDI-ATI hermetic fiber feedthroughs

Some of our hermetic feedthroughs have the major asset of being reconfigurable, meaning that they can be disassembled, reconfigured, and reused for a different application.

We can offer special designs upon request to include customer-supplied specialty fibers, multiple-channel designs, and optical/electrical hybrid feedthroughs.

Besides standard flanges, we can also provide custom-made assemblies with mechanical and optical custom designs to meet your specific requirements.

What configurations are available?

SEDI-ATI hermetic fiber optic feedthroughs are available in two main configurations:

  • Bulkhead style: the parts are equipped with standard FC/PC, FC/APC or SMA connectors. This is particularly advantageous to replace sensitive fibers during maintenance work inside the chamber.
  • Inline style: there is no connector at the flange but pigtails terminated with connectors. This solution allows to achieve high packing densities of multiple fibers, at a good price/performance ratio.

Recipe and experience are the key to high performance

Our broad product range of hermetically sealed fiber optic feedthroughs is well suited for high-vacuum (HV) and ultrahigh-vacuum (UHV) applications. Indeed, depending on the model, our feedthroughs ensure hermeticity levels better than 10-10 mbar.l/s. They are also suitable for high-pressure applications up to 1000 bars.

For baking-out purposes, temperatures of up to 200°C seen by the feedthrough can be specified.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements.

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