Optical fiber assemblies withstanding extreme cold

The optical fiber assemblies and solutions offered by SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques can operate in a cryogenic environment, down to 1.5 K, thanks to a unique know-how and precise expertise of complex and extreme environments.

optical fiber assemblies supplier for cryogenic temperature

Resistance to cryogenic temperatures

The fiber optic resistance to cryogenic temperatures, commonly under -150° C, depends on the materials used for the assembly. Properly protected, it can be used for quantum optics, space applications and industrial cryogenics, environments were temperatures can reach extreme levels, without compromising the assembly performance.

The problem

At cryogenic temperatures, materials become more brittle due to thermal contraction. This can weaken the assembly and the fiber, which are more likely to break or crack, compromising data transmission. Connectors, splices and joints can also be damaged (crystallisation, condensation, etc), which can affect the mechanical stability and optical properties of the solution.


The assemblies offered by SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques are based on Optical Fibers, and can withstand cryogenic temperatures of up to 1.5 K. The raw materials, assembly techniques and fibers are carefully selected according to your final application and constraints.

We manufacture our products for cryogenic environments by selecting the fiber from a wide range of acrylate, polyimide, aluminum, copper-coated fibers, etc. Finally, the sealings are adapted to the application (epoxy, brazing, glass-soldering, etc.) to ensure that the solution is functional and durable despite being installed in an extreme environment.

Particular care is taken to waterproof the structure of our fiber protection sheaths, so that they do not trap liquids that could crystallise and freeze, with dramatic repercussions on the integrity of the assembly.

All our ranges of couplers, hermetic feedthroughs, bundles, special fiber optic cables and patchcords, connectors, multiplexers, etc, are customizable to answer your constraints.

Case studies

Data security through optical encryption

SEDI-ATI designs strong and reliable fiber-based solutions that are involved in current data security techniques through optical encryption.

MOONS: the Multi-Object Optical and NIR Spectrograph of the VLT, fed with a thousand optical fibers!

SEDI-ATI has delivered 64 slitlets of 16 optical fibers each, to form 2 identical slits of 512 fibers, aimed at transporting the light of celestial.

Optical fibers are used to verify the integrity of the opto-pyrolines in launchers and satellites

SEDI-ATI offers spatialized multimode wavelength division multiplexers to control the integrity of the opto-pyrolines used in launchers and satellites.

Avionic embedded fiber optic links

SEDI-ATI offers special fiber optic patch cords, cables, and miniature connectors dedicated to aeronautic-embedded fiber-optic interconnections.

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