Optical fiber assemblies withstanding extreme pressures

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques, thanks to its know-how and expertise in complex and extremes environments, can offer you solutions based on optical fibers that are resistant to very high pressures, up to 5 000 bars.

optical fiber assembly extreme pressure

Resistance to extreme pressures

The optical fiber and our assemblies can withstand extreme pressures (hyperbaric up to 5 000 bars). Indeed, our assemblies are specially designed to be used in environments such as detonic applications, or deep-water applications (bottom of the sea) without losing its hermeticity.

The problem

Pressure variations, and in particular high pressures of just a few tens of bars, can affect the mechanical integrity of a fiber-based assembly. This can have dramatical repercussions on the hermeticity of a system. In addition to mechanical damage, the infiltration of fluids, humidity or contaminants can jeopardise an entire installation.


Our know-how and expertise in complex or extreme environments allow SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques to offer you optical fiber solutions withstanding very high pressures that can reach up to 5,000 bars. For this type of application, the choice of materials, coatings, fiber type, and above all, sealing technology, will be crucial. We adapt our materials depending on your environment. The fiber is selected from a wide range of aluminum, copper, carbon and acrylic-coated fibers, and the sealings (epoxy, brazing, glass-soldering…) are adapted to ensure that your solution is durable and resistant.

All our ranges of hermetic feedthroughs, special fiber optic cables and patchcords, connectors, couplers, multiplexers, etc, are customizable to withstand your constraints. Also, our hermetic feedthroughs are specially designed to resist extreme pressures and can be configured exclusively on demand.

Case studies

ANTARES telescope’s optical fibers allow to detect neutrinos from the depths of the abyss

SEDI-ATI has equipped the Antares neutrino telescope with a network of hermetic optical fibers.

Hydrocarbon reservoirs discrimination with fiber optic assemblies

Despite ongoing efforts to find alternative sources, oil still plays an important role in today’s global economy.

Monitoring of insulated electrical transformers using fiber optic assemblies

SEDI-ATI has developed built-in fiber optic assemblies consisting of a dielectric multi-fiber optic cable integrated in an inline hermetic feedthrough.

Mine action with underwater wire-guided robots

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact fiber optic cables directly mounted onto tethered underwater robots for inspection and combat missions.

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