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CO2M: Measuring Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere

SEDI-ATI took part in the project by supplying specific patchcords, fiber-optic bundles, and feedthroughs with our FCXtreme® connector, a compact FC connector for defense and aerospace applications.

Inspect: online and remote dosimetry for inspecting nuclear equipment

SEDI-ATI took part in the INSPECT project by supplying a bundle of 16-channel optical fibers for instrumentation to measure the level of radioactivity in nuclear equipments.

Data security through optical encryption

SEDI-ATI designs strong and reliable fiber-based solutions that are involved in current data security techniques through optical encryption.

Scintillating fiber dosimeter for radiology

SEDI-ATI designs scintillating fiber optic probes for dosimeter applications applied to radiology.

Real-time detection of contaminants in drinking water using scintillating fibers

SEDI-ATI has developed a bundle of scintillating plastic optical fibers to do real-time detection of nuclear contaminants in drinking water.

ANTARES telescope’s optical fibers allow to detect neutrinos from the depths of the abyss

SEDI-ATI has equipped the Antares neutrino telescope with a network of hermetic optical fibers.

WEAVE: the multi-fiber spectrograph new generation that will unravel great mysteries of the Universe

SEDI-ATI has participated in the design of the LIFU and one MOS by the design, the setting up of manufacturing processes and the assembly of fibered sets.

GIRAFFE : the VLT multi-fiber spectrograph revealing the birth of galaxies

SEDI-ATI is specialized in complex assemblies of a high number of fibers for large instruments.

MOONS: the Multi-Object Optical and NIR Spectrograph of the VLT, fed with a thousand optical fibers!

SEDI-ATI has delivered 64 slitlets of 16 optical fibers each, to form 2 identical slits of 512 fibers, aimed at transporting the light of celestial.

Blood analysis with optical fiber assemblies

SEDI-ATI designs customer-specific fiber assembly slutions for blood analysis applications using fluorescence spectroscopy.

Detection of breast cancer by fluorescence using an optical fiber needle

SEDI-ATI designs optical fiber needle probes for the early diagnosis of breast cancer using a fluorescence detection technique.

Vaginal rejuvenation with fiber optic probes

SEDI-ATI offers disposable fiber optic probes with a homogeneous radial emission, ideal for vaginal rejuvenation applications.

Endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins

SEDI-ATI manufactures silica fiber optic probes with a radial emission for endovenous laser thermal ablation treatment of varicose veins.

Laser cleaning and stripping of materials and surfaces

SEDI-ATI provides fiber optic cables to transport the high-power laser beam from a stripping machine to the surface to be cleaned.

Pipe inspection with tethered robotic crawlers

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact fiber optic spools directly mounted onto tethered robotic crawlers for pipe inspection operations.

Performance monitoring of wind turbines with fiber optics

SEDI-ATI has developed built-in fiber optic assemblies consisting in a ruggedized dielectric multi-fiber optic cable assembly.

Optical measurement of the water level in nuclear reactor pools

SEDI-ATI offers nuclearized fiber-optic assemblies that perform optical time-of-flight measurement of the water level of nuclear reactor pools.

Fiber-optic probes at the heart of the Jules Horowitz Reactor

SEDI-ATI has designed custom-made fiber-optic probes to be placed at multiple locations inside the Jules Horowitz Reactor.

Hydrocarbon reservoirs discrimination with fiber optic assemblies

Despite ongoing efforts to find alternative sources, oil still plays an important role in today’s global economy.

Monitoring of insulated electrical transformers using fiber optic assemblies

SEDI-ATI has developed built-in fiber optic assemblies consisting of a dielectric multi-fiber optic cable integrated in an inline hermetic feedthrough.

Optical fibers play a critical role inside the atomic clock PHARAO

SEDI-ATI optical fiber assemblies are mounted on the space atomic clock PHARAO on board the ISS to test Albert Einstein’s predictions on general relativity.

Optical fibers are used to verify the integrity of the opto-pyrolines in launchers and satellites

SEDI-ATI offers spatialized multimode wavelength division multiplexers to control the integrity of the opto-pyrolines used in launchers and satellites.

Tip timing measurements using fiber optic probes

SEDI-ATI offers fiber optic on/off probes consisting of bundles of optical fibers resistant to +600 °C in order to perform tip timing measurements during engine tests.

Avionic embedded fiber optic links

SEDI-ATI offers special fiber optic patch cords, cables, and miniature connectors dedicated to aeronautic-embedded fiber-optic interconnections.

Mine action with underwater wire-guided robots

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact fiber optic cables directly mounted onto tethered underwater robots for inspection and combat missions.

Opto-pyrotechnics to protect armored vehicles

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact deployable fiber optic spools to be directly mounted onto unmanned ground vehicles.

Optical fibers drive land robots in clearance and demining operations

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact deployable fiber optic spools to be directly mounted onto unmanned ground vehicles.