Design of custom-made fiber optic products

SEDI-ATI designs and manufactures passive components and assemblies based on optical fibers for a wide range of demanding applications.

SEDI-ATI produces fiber optic assemblies for spectroscopy and on/off sensors.

SEDI-ATI manufactures fiber optic spools for remote control of wire-guided vehicles.

SEDI-ATI manufactures fiber optic patchcords and cables for applications involving temperature, cryogenics, radiation, vacuum…

SEDI-ATI can mount a wide range of optical connectors on all its products, and offers numerous adapters to connect two optical cables together.

SEDI-ATI manufactures bidirectional fiber optic couplers on multimode fibers, for use over broad spectral bands.

Coupleur fibre optique multimode monomode

SEDI-ATI designs fiber-optic based medical devices such as medical probes and fiber needles.

SEDI-ATI produces wavelength multiplexers on multimode fibers, for detection and fluorescence applications.

SEDI-ATI offers a wide range of connectable or in-line hermetic feedthroughs, for vacuum or pressure applications.


SEDI-ATI assists you in your projects to design the best solutions

You need a custom-made product to fit in your special environment, for which there is currently no off-the-shelf solution available? SEDI-ATI helps you overcome your challenges!

Your customized environment

Your complex environment

Your extreme environment


Specialist in fiber-optic assemblies that withstand extreme environments

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques is a French company specializing in designing and manufacturing custom-made passive fiber-optic assemblies tailored to specific, complex, and extreme environments. Indeed, our solutions are meant to survive very hostile conditions such as cryogenics, very high temperatures, vacuum, pressure, corrosion, or radiation. We address very demanding applications in the defense, aerospace, industrial, medical, and energy markets. We have developed specific solutions able to withstand hostile conditions: highly achromatic multimode couplers, multimode wavelength division multiplexers for sensing applications, opto-pyrotechnics, miniature fiber-optic links and connectors, pressure and vacuum fiber-optic hermetic feedthroughs, bundles and arrays for spectroscopy applications, special patchcords, deployable fiber-optic spools to drive unmanned vehicles, and medical probes.