Our optical fiber assemblies in high voltage installations

Its know-how and expertise in complex and extreme environments, SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques is able to offer fiber optic assemblies that are resistant to high voltages and arcing, up to 1 kV/cm.

optical fiber supplier for assembly in high voltage environment

Resistance to high voltages

Properly protected, optical fibers can be used in high-voltage installations without fear of damage or degradations of its performance. The fiber can be used in systems for monitoring high-voltage power lines, as well as inside electrical insulators, or in installations that may be exposed to lightning strikes, such as wind turbines.

The problem

High voltages can generate electrostatic discharges that can damage components (connectors and splices) and compromise the fiber integrity. This environment can also damage or deteriorate the insulating materials used in the sheath, or even cause a fire or explosion as a result of the overvoltage.


Our fiber optic assemblies are specially designed to withstand high voltage environments, since they are insulated using specific sheaths and coatings such as peek, for example. The fiber is selected from our wide range of fibers with electrically non-conductive coatings like acrylate, polyimide, peek, etc., and the other components, such as connectors, are adapted to the environment and are also insulated to prevent electrical discharges and arcs guaranteeing the best possible data transmission. Finally, sealants (epoxy, brazing, spraying, etc.) are taken into account to guarantee the mechanical integrity and watertightness of the assembly. All metallic and moisture-retaining materials are excluded. The assemblies offered by SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques are therefore completely neutral and can withstand a dielectric breakdown of up to 1 kV/cm.

In other words, almost all our ranges (hermetic feedthroughs, couplers, multiplexers, bundles, special fiber optic cables and patchcords…) can be adapted to your specific application and customized from the choice of the fiber type to its coating and finish.

Case studies

Performance monitoring of wind turbines with fiber optics

SEDI-ATI has developed built-in fiber optic sensors consisting in a ruggedized dielectric multi-fiber optic cable assembly.

Monitoring of insulated electrical transformers using fiber optic assemblies

SEDI-ATI has developed built-in fiber optic assemblies consisting of a dielectric multi-fiber optic cable integrated in an inline hermetic feedthrough.

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