Tailor-made fiber optic product solution

You need a custom-made product to fit in your special environment, for which there is currently no off-the-shelf solution available? SEDI-ATI helps you overcome your challenges!

Optical wateright and passage

Working together with technical support and the Research & Development department

Technical support and Research & Development (R&D) are the two pillars that enable SEDI-ATI to design the solution dedicated to your application in harsh or extreme environments.

The sales team, made up exclusively of technical sales staff, has a solid technical background and can guide you in the technical and technological choices during the initial discussions about your project.

The Business Line Manager (BLM) provides technical support, establishing technical drawings, manufacturing lists, production times, cost prices, and delivery times on the receipt of orders. In addition, when the customer’s project requires a feasibility study, it is the BLM who forwards the request to R&D. The R&D team then reviews the feasibility of the project.

The R&D team examines each new customer project forwarded to it by the BLM. This phase allows the theoretical design of the project to begin. This may be followed by a modeling phase to remove any remaining uncertainties about the project’s feasibility. A prototype representative of the pre-series is then produced, before being transferred to our Methods team for product industrialization.

In addition, listening to and understanding our customers’ markets enables us to design tomorrow’s innovative products. Every year, our R&D team develops new technological building blocks to anticipate our customers’ future needs.

Finally, our Operational Excellence Manager ensures that our production facilities remain high-performance and at the cutting edge of technology.

SEDI-ATI does everything in its power to meet your most demanding requirements!

Translate customer needs and constraints into high-performance product solutions

French company founded in 1951, our mission at SEDI-ATI is to design and build turn-key solutions based on optical fibers to enable you to bring photons in any environment, whatever your constraints are!

The challenge is to design the best performing, most reliable, and most robust fiber optic component to withstand extreme physical and environmental constraints.

Our strength at SEDI-ATI is our recognized know-how and expertise in finding the best solution using the most appropriate components (materials, buffers, coatings, etc.).

As we design and manufacture our optical components almost exclusively to our customer’s specifications, our broad product offering is ultimately the fruit of our careful consideration of their requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements.

How your request is processed

When a customer submits a request, it follows a well-established process.

Here are the various stages of our internal process:

  1. The request is received by the technical sales representative or the sales administration department.
  2. The technical sales representative can directly validate the request when it refers to a previous design and does not require any particular adaptation. On the other hand, if the project requires a study, the request is forwarded to the Business Line Manager (BLM), who then determines whether the request is viable or not.
  3. If the BLM deems the request viable, there are 2 options :
    • a. When this type of request has already been approved and realized by the production department, then the request is sent to production.
    • b. When this type of request has never been carried out by the company, then the request is sent as a feasibility study to the R&D department.
  4. The feasibility review enables the R&D department to approve or reject the project. If the project is approved, it leads to the production of a prototype or pre-production parts, before being transferred to production, depending on the quantities to be produced.
  5. Once the request has been processed by the R&D department or by production, the product is sent to you and delivered as quickly as possible.
Custome made fiber optic product