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SEDI-ATI will be presenting its quantum enabling technologies evolving in a cryogenic and vacuum environment at QETw on 21 March 2024.

3F2E Project – Aluminum fibers progress

Update on the project with the delivery of the first aluminium optical fibers. This project is led by SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques, Exail, TechnicAtome and EDF.


Meet SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques at the Optics&Photonics in Sweden from October 17-19, 2023.

[DUTCH PHOTONICS EVENT 2023] SEDI-ATI exhibits in the Netherlands

Meet SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques at the Dutch Photonics Event on 20 September 2023 in the Netherlands.

LWP2023 Review

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques was an exhibitor at LWP2023. Here’s almost everything that happened during the 4 days of the show!

SEDI-ATI welcomes a new investment fund

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques welcomes a new investment fund : Yotta Capital Partners!

[LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS MUNICH 2023] SEDI-ATI exhibits on booth#335, Hall A2

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques a la joie de vous informer de sa présence au salon LASER World of PHOTONICS !

[EXAIL 2023] SEDI-ATI sponsors and exhibits

Our Technical Sales Engineer, Julien Crouzilles, and our Business Line Manager Hervé Aubé.

[OPD2023] SEDI-ATI exhibits on booth#20

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at OPD2023, the Optics and Photonics Days, from May, 30th to June 1st!

WEAVE: First light detected by this new generation spectrograph

WEAVE (WHT Enhanced Area Velocity Explorer), is a multifiber spectrograph of the William Herschel Telescope.

EPIC Virtual Company Tour At SEDI-ATI

SEDI-ATI opens its doors and invites you on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 16:00.

[DUTCH PHOTONICS EVENT 2022] SEDI-ATI exhibits on booth 12

In December 2022, it collected its first light from the Stephan Quintet, a group of 5 galaxies.

[EUROSATORY 2022] SEDI-ATI exhibits on booth GF467 hall 6

Visit SEDI-ATI at EUROSATORY from June 13 to 17, 2022, in Paris – France.

[LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS MUNICH 2022] SEDI-ATI exhibits on booth B4.337

Visit SEDI-ATI at Laser World of Photonics from April 26 to 29, 2022, in Munich – Germany, and meet our team on booth B4 337.

Deployable fiber-optic spools for airborne drones

Based on its experience in deploying optical fibers from land or underwater drones.

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques benefits from 3 schemes of France Relance

SEDI-ATI has just benefited from three France Relance schemes to modernize its production tools.

SEDI-ATI is recipient of the French nuclear recovery plan for the 3F2E collaborative project

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques is proud to be at the initiative, as an SME partner.

2021 Newsletter #3

Fiber optic bundles are an excellent flexible offset for spectral or hyperspectral imaging.

Renewal of our certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

SEDI-ATI has been committed to quality management and regulatory compliance of its medical devices.

2021 Newsletter #2

In the continuity of the expertise acquired in the field of fiber-optic links between telescopes and spectrographs.

[PHOTONICS ONLINE MEETINGS #3] Meet SEDI-ATI during this European-wide virtual event dedicated to business and photonics projects

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques is participating in the 3rd edition of the Photonics Online Meetings.

EPIC PHOTONICS+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference 2021

Get ready for PHOTONICS-PLUS Exhibition and Conference, in partnership with EPIC.

2021 Newsletter #1

Spectroscopy is one of the only non-destructive ways to help us see, measure, analyze, characterize.

Newsletter | December 2020

Dear all, year 2020 has been unusual in many ways. We would like to thank you for your trust and strong support.

Newsletter | November 2020

Schedule a virtual business meeting with our team during POM#2!

Newsletter | September 2020

SEDI-ATI is proud to sponsor the French Photonics Days 2020.

Newsletter | July-August 2020

EDI-ATI is open until Friday 31st July. Our team will be back on Monday 24th August.

Newsletter | June 2020

Meet our team during business meetings and attend our webinar

[PHOTONICS ONLINE MEETINGS 2020] Meet SEDI-ATI during a dematerialized business meeting and attend our webinar on July 2nd

SEDI-ATI participates in the first PHOTONICS ONLINE MEETINGS, a Photonics France event.

Newsletter | May 2020

Working at SEDI-ATI during the COVID-19 period and after.

Newsletter | April 2020

SEDI-ATI works on maintaining the health and safety of the people working for the company

[SPIE-PHOTONICS EUROPE 2020] Digital Forum Announced | Strasbourg Event Cancelled

Digital Forum Announced | Strasbourg Event Cancelled

New product! NANOXtreme® miniature optical connector qualified for MIL-AERO applications

SEDI-ATI releases the NANOXtreme® a miniature optical connector qualified for military and aeronautics applications.

[SPIE-PHOTONICS WEST 2020] Visit SEDI-ATI on booth 957G

SEDIATI From February 4 to 6, 2020, meet SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques at Photonics West, in San Francisco! We'll be exhibiting our new products on the French […]

SEDI ATI Fibres Optiques – Video presentation

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques is a French company located near Paris.

Disposable optical fiber spools for lineguided unmanned robots

Publiscopy from “Usine Nouvelle” N°3596, January 31, 2019.

[LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS MUNICH 2019] SEDI-ATI exhibits on booth B3.352

Visit SEDI-ATI at Laser World of Photonics from June 24 to 27, 2019, in Munich – Germany,

New versatile and compact optical connectors dedicated to extreme environments

Publiscopy from “Usine Nouvelle” N°3566, June 7, 2018.

SEDI-ATI: a French SME who knows how to exploit its medical fiber

An article in the May-June issue of DeviceMed on the Photonics France zoom.

[SPIE-PHOTONICS EUROPE 2018] Visit SEDI-ATI on booth G-211

Visit us at PHOTONICS EUROPE 2018 : April 24-25. SEDI-ATI Booth number : G-211

[MEDICA 2017] SEDI-ATI on business trip at Medica Dusseldorf

Laser, Medical Probes, Power Patchcords… SEDI-ATI visited MEDICA to explore new applications.

Exceptionnal realizations for harsh and complex environments

Publiscopy from “Usine Nouvelle” N°3523, July 6, 2017.

JFV@HS acquires SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques

J-F VINCHANT HOLDING STRATEGY (JFV@HS), chaired by Jean-François VINCHANT and accompanied by IDF Capita


SEDI•ATI will exhibit at SPIE Defence & Security in Toulouse, 22-23 September 2015

[VIDEO] SEDI-ATI disposable optical fiber spools for land and sea exploration

Fiber optic tethers can be used to remotely control different types of vehicles.


SEDI•ATI will exhibit at Laser world of Photonics 2015, June 22-25th.

SEDI-ATI co-develops innovative optical fiber solutions for medical applications

SEDI•ATI Fibres Optiques, with more than thirty years of experience in specialty fibers

Fiber optic spools for ROV and tether vehicles

Unmanned vehicles need a bidirectional high quality communication system

Large core fiber cleaving tool “I•Cleave”

End face preparation of large core optical fibers is essential to obtain best transmission performances

Multimode WDM for sensor applications

Fluorescence sensing is a rapidly developing technology used from clinical diagnostic to industrial process or environment monitoring.