Using fiber optics for industry

The industry sector is a heavy user of optical fiber solutions. From the laser delivery to the monitoring of industrial processes, there is a broad spectrum of applications for optical fiber components. SEDI-ATI provides customizable and ruggedized passive optical fiber components that meet the requirements of the Industry field: EMI immunity, space constraints, high optical performances…


Optical fiber assembly and components for robotics

SEDI-ATI fiber optic components and assemblies are used in robots and their control systems, meeting long-term requirements for torsion, bending, strength and bending radius.

Case studies

Pipe inspection with tethered robotic crawlers

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact fiber optic spools directly mounted onto tethered robotic crawlers for pipe inspection operations.

Mine action with underwater wire-guided robots

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact fiber optic cables directly mounted onto tethered underwater robots for inspection and combat missions.

Optical fibers drive land robots in clearance and demining operations

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact deployable fiber optic spools to be directly mounted onto unmanned ground vehicles.


Fiber optic technology solution for power lasers

Many industrial applications require a high-power laser source. This is the case for laser welding, soldering, cutting or stripping. The power patch cords are special optical fibers, designed to carry high levels of optical energy, and thus allow the laser source to be remote. The fiber is reinforced with a specific buffer and dedicated connectors

Fiber optic technology power laser

Case studies

Laser cleaning and stripping of materials and surfaces

SEDI-ATI provides fiber optic cables to transport the high-power laser beam from a stripping machine to the surface to be cleaned.

Industrial opticalSensing

Fiber optic technology solution for industrial optical sensors

Optical fibers are widely used to perform industrial optical sensing such as on-line process control or monitoring the structural health of materials and integrity of machines. SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques is particularly involved in the design and manufacture of optical probes for UV-VIS-NIR (185 nm – 2.5 µm) spectroscopy by ellipsometry or reflectometry. These probes also allow the offset of the light source and the detector (monochromator, spectrophotometer…).

Fiber optic technology for industrial optic