Key features

  • High vacuum
  • 10-8 l/s hermeticity
  • Broad wavelength range
  • From 1 o 3 channels on DN 40 KF flange
  • SM, MM GI50, MM GI62.5, LCH50/125, LCH105/125
  • FC/PC adapters
  • Individual channels NOT replaceable
  • Ruggedized design


high vacuum
10-8 mbar.l/s
Flange type
DN 40 KF
Sealing technology
clamp ring
Housing material
stainless steel 304L
Number of channels
1 to 3
Panel drilling diameter
depends on the number of channels
Panel thickness
1 mm min.; 23,5 mm max.
Tightening torque
Adapter interface
Fiber type
SM, MM GI50, MM GI62.5, LCH50, LCH105 with 125 μm cladding
Insertion loss
< 1 dB max. @1550 nm (0.3 dB typ. @1550 nm on SMF128)
Operating wavelength range
200-2000 nm depending on the fiber
Operating temperature range
-55°C to +125°C
Storage temperature range
-55°C to +200°C