MTP multi-fiber ribbon hermetic feedthroughs

Key features

  • inline-style
  • 10-8 mbar.l/s hermeticity
  • multi-fibers ribbons
  • fiber count up to 24
  • SM or GI fibers
  • MTP® connectors
  • CF or KF flange
  • bare ribbon or stainless steel tubing
  • broad wavelength range

MTP multi-fiber ribbon hermetic feedthroughs

The RETA-RIB series consists of hermetic feedthroughs with fiber-optic ribbons terminated with MTP® connectors.

They are well suited for vacuum applications where a large number of fibers is required in a compact assembly.

Indeed, the multi-fiber ribbon is hermetically sealed on a CF or KF flange. It is delivered with a helium leak test report ensuring a high level of hermeticity better than 10-8 mbar.l/s.

The RETA-RIB can accept up to two raws of 12-fiber ribbons on each side of the flange. Hence the RETA-RIB offers up to 24 fibers upstream and 24 fibers downstream.

These feedthroughs can be made with either singlemode ribbon fibers or multimode graded-index ribbon fibers (50/125 μm).

We offer a wide choice of MTP® connectors according to customer’s preferences. They are suited for either one raw of 12 fibers or two parallel raws of 12 fibers. They can also be either flat polish (PC) or angle polish at 8° (APC). And they can be either male (with metal guiding pins) or female (no pins).

Finally, we offer either bare ribbons or stainless steel tubing to protect the ribbons.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.