Special fiber optic cables and cords

SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques helps you find the special fiber optic patchcords and cables solutions dedicated to your harsh or extreme environment.

We offer special fiber optic patchcords and cables adapted to any application, whatever the environment is: vacuum, cryogenics, high-temperature, high-voltage, high-power

Manufacturer of cable cords fiber optic

Design of made-to-measure fibre optic cables and cords

Our solutions use single-mode and multimode optical fibers up to 1000 µm core length.

We propose different connector types among which Crimp & Cleave connectors as well as our proprietary FCXtreme® and NANOXtreme® connectors specially designed for military, space, and aeronautics applications. Our offer can be completed with FC and SMA round or square adapters.

Our range of special fiber optic cables and cords can be complemented by FC and SMA connectors on round or square sockets.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Products : Cables and cords

  • Avionic fiber optic cables

    SEDI-ATI has designed rugged avionic fiber-optic cables that meet the aeronautic constraints. Indeed, in aircraft, there are space and weight restrictions.

  • Cryogeny fiber optic cables

    You are looking for a fiber optic link working at extremely cold temperatures? SEDI-ATI can provide specific cryogeny fiber optic cables.

  • High-temperature optical fiber patch cords

    You are working at high-temperature levels? SEDI-ATI Fibre Optiques has the solution! Indeed, we have designed high-temperature cables for applications ranging from 150 °C to 1000 °C.

  • Radiation-resistant fiber optic cables

    Optical fibers gather numerous advantages encouraging to integrate them in applications with radiative environments, associated with the civil, space or military fields.

  • Power fiber optic cables

    Injecting high optical power into a fiber is quite tough. That is why SEDI-ATI has designed a broad range of power fiber optic cables.

  • Vacuum fiber optic cables

    SEDI-ATI Fiber Optiques offers both singlemode and multimode vacuum fiber optic cables for vacuum levels of 10-6 to 10-9 mbar.