Fiber optic needle probes

Fiber optic needle probes

SEDI-ATI has acquired a very specific know-how in the integration of an optical fiber into a metallic needle. Fiber optic needles are suitable for diagnostic, dentistry and dermatology applications.

Our fibers are USP Class VI certified, non-toxic and biocompatible. Standard products use fibers with core diameter ranging from 200 µm to 600 µm.

The fiber end is inserted into a hypodermic needle that can be either flat or polished with a specific angle according to the application. A pyramidal end can also be proposed. A special treatment on the needle gives excellent tissue penetration just like a syringe needle.

The probe is equipped with the proprietary OneShot SMA or PowerShot SMA connectors manufactured by SEDI-ATI. These connectors are specially designed for disposable probes where cost issue is important. The assembly technique avoids any stress on the fiber itself.

Biocompatible materials.
Packaged, stored and used in a clean environment.
Production workshop certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485.
Sold sterilized in double bag.


    Fiber type
    silica/silica from 200 µm to 600 µm core diameter
    Fiber length
    according to the customer's requirement
    Needle type
    according to the customer’s application
    SMA connector according to the power level