Using fiber optics in the medical sector

The optical fiber opens up a wide scope for the Medical fields. SEDI-ATI capitalizes on its experience with extreme environments to address very demanding and highly prescriptive medical applications. We talk to doctors, surgeons, researchers, and medical device manufacturers who lead the path to innovative and promising medical applications using optical fibers.

We manufacture  biocompatible fiber-based medical devices, widely used for medical diagnosis, laser therapies and laser surgeries. Finally, we can help our customers compile the technical file needed to affix the CE mark on the product.


Fiber optic solutions for spectroscopic analysis

Fiber optics are ideal to perform fluorescence spectroscopy analysis for diagnostic applications. They allow to illuminate a target at a defined wavelength, and to collect the fluorescence emitted by the target as a reaction to the excitation caused by the incoming light. The emitted fluorescence is relevant of the composition of the target, which allows to identify the nature of the target. These properties are for instance used to practice in-vivo diagnosis of cancers using special fiber needles, and to do blood analysis in laboratory to detect diseases.

Manufacturer assemblies fiber optic medical sector

Case studies

Blood analysis with optical fiber assemblies

SEDI-ATI designs customer-specific fiber assembly slutions for blood analysis applications using fluorescence spectroscopy.

Detection of breast cancer by fluorescence using an optical fiber needle

SEDI-ATI designs optical fiber needle probes for the early diagnosis of breast cancer using a fluorescence detection technique.


Fiber optic technology solution for laser therapy

The spatial and spectral properties of light are used in many therapeutic applications, particularly in phlebology, dermatology, urology and gynecology. Fiber optics is a technology of choice for deporting the laser light and energy in the procedures that are performed.

Fiber optic solution for laser therapy

Case studies

Vaginal rejuvenation with fiber optic probes

SEDI-ATI offers disposable fiber optic probes with a homogeneous radial emission, ideal for vaginal rejuvenation applications.

Endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins

SEDI-ATI manufactures silica fiber optic probes with a radial emission for endovenous laser thermal ablation treatment of varicose veins.