Défenseand Aerospace

Using fiber optics for the defense and aerospace sectors

The defense and aerospace sectors were among the very first to adopt optical fiber technologies mainly because of their very light weight and immunity to electromagnetic interference. If it was originally for telecommunications, it is today more and more for sensing. SEDI-ATI has developed a wide range of optical fiber components and fiber optic assemblies able to withstand extreme environments met in a variety of air, sea, ground, and space applications.

Fiber Optic for military and aerospace sector


Fiber optic solution for the defense sector

Because they are free from electromagnetic interference and are capable of transmitting large bandwidth signals with a very low optical attenuation, optical fibers offer many advantages for a variety of defense applications. Discover how SEDI-ATI participates in the supply of fiber optic links, fiber optic assemblies, opto-pyrotechnic lines, and active tethers for remote vehicles, just to name a few.

Case studies

Opto-pyrotechnics to protect armored vehicles

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact deployable fiber optic spools to be directly mounted onto unmanned ground vehicles.

Optical fibers drive land robots in clearance and demining operations

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact deployable fiber optic spools to be directly mounted onto unmanned ground vehicles.


Fiber optic technology solution for the navy

The navy is a strong supporter of fiber-optics technologies. Discover how SEDI-ATI contributes to naval cutting-edge applications like the guidance of unmanned submarine vehicles.

Case studies

Mine action with underwater wire-guided robots

SEDI-ATI offers disposable ultra-lightweight and compact fiber optic cables directly mounted onto tethered underwater robots for inspection and combat missions.


Fiber Optic solution for the aeronautics sector

Fiber optics have added a new dimension to aeronautics applications. Discover how SEDI-ATI meets the stringent requirements of this industry.

Case studies

Tip timing measurements using fiber optic probes

SEDI-ATI offers fiber optic on/off probes consisting of bundles of optical fibers resistant to +600 °C in order to perform tip timing measurements during engine tests.

Avionic embedded fiber optic links

SEDI-ATI offers special fiber optic patch cords, cables, and miniature connectors dedicated to aeronautic-embedded fiber-optic interconnections.


Optical fiber solution for space applications

In the last few years, space applications of fiber optics have been growing quickly. Discover how SEDI-ATI is involved in emerging space applications such as optical atomic clocks and opto-pyrotechnics.

Case studies

CO2M: Measuring Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere

SEDI-ATI took part in the project by supplying specific patchcords, fiber-optic bundles, and feedthroughs with our FCXtreme® connector, a compact FC connector for defense and aerospace applications.

Optical fibers play a critical role inside the atomic clock PHARAO

SEDI-ATI optical fiber assemblies are mounted on the space atomic clock PHARAO on board the ISS to test Albert Einstein’s predictions on general relativity.

Optical fibers are used to verify the integrity of the opto-pyrolines in launchers and satellites

SEDI-ATI offers spatialized multimode wavelength division multiplexers to control the integrity of the opto-pyrolines used in launchers and satellites.