Optical fiber technology for the data communications sector

With the advent of quantum computing, data communication is taking a new turn. Fiber optics is more than ever at the heart of all the attention, whether for quantum communication or quantum metrology applications.


Optical fiber solution for quantum communication

Photonics plays a central role in the development of quantum information technologies. Quantum key distribution systems for cryptography are already on the market and, thanks to their speed and robustness to decoherence, photons are at the heart of many advances towards large-scale secure networks, metrological systems, and quantum processors.

Quantum key distribution systems for cryptography

Case studies

Data security through optical encryption

SEDI-ATI designs strong and reliable fiber-based solutions that are involved in current data security techniques through optical encryption.

Avionic embedded fiber optic links

SEDI-ATI offers special fiber optic patch cords, cables, and miniature connectors dedicated to aeronautic-embedded fiber-optic interconnections.


Fiber optic technology solution for quantum metrology

Quantum photonics is now entering a new field of application, related to metrology and quantum sensors. In particular, it is used for spectroscopy to characterize materials. Special new generation optical fibers allow to work at cryogenic temperatures, which are essential for the proper functioning of single-photon sources (semiconductor quantum emitters).

Metrology quantum sensors