Hermetic fiber optic feedthroughs

Inline hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs

Key features

  • inline-style
  • single-fiber or multi-fibers
  • PM, SM or MM fibers
  • various connector terminations: FC/APC, FC/PC, FCXtreme®, NANOXtreme®, SMA, MPO, MTP, etc.
  • various configurations: bundle, fan-out, fiber ribbon, array, etc.
  • large choice of flanges: ISO, KF, CF, custom design
  • many types of mechanical protections: stainless steel, peek, hytrel, customer’s tubing, etc.
  • vacuum and/or pressure applications

Inline hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs

The RETA inline hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs are designed for high & ultra-high vacuum applications. Some specific products of this product line are also suitable for pressure applications up to 1000 bars.

The specificity of the inline hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs range is that there are no connectors at the flange, but pigtails.

We offer polarization-maintaining, singlemode, and multimode fiber assemblies.

The RETA product line can be designed for either a single optical fiber or for multiple fibers.

In the case of multiple optical fibers, SEDI-ATI offers various configurations of hermetically sealed assemblies:

Same number of individual channels (one optical fiber per channel) on each side of the feedthrough’s flange.
Multiple optical fibers assembled in bundle type channels on each side of the feedthrough’s flange.
A fiber ribbon on each side of the feedthrough’s flange.
A bundle of fibers or a fiber ribbon on one side of the feedthrough’s flange, and a fan-out on the other side.
A bundle of fibers, a fiber ribbon, or a fan-out on one side of the feedthrough’s flange, arranged in a coherently mapped layout of the fibers (linear array) on the other side.
Many other possibilities.

Besides, we systematically offer customized pigtailed termination.

You are free to choose the connector type (FC/PC, FC/APC, SMA…), the pigtails lengths, and the mechanical protection of the fibers (stainless steel, peek, hytrel, or your specific tubing).

And of course, we can help you with the design of the most suitable solution to reach your requirements and meet your expectations.